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Event Details 

The Horseman's Mission is an event that will be held October 18, 19, and 20. Our goal is to inspire both young and old horse lovers to work with the horse in a horsemanship manner. We believe that by using communication and feel, we can create a trust and bond that allows us to reach unlimited goals. Our mission is to also encourage spiritual communication to reach eternal goals. This event promises to be a great time full of learning, fun, and fellowship for the whole family. We hope you join us for this unique experience!


We are excited to announce the clinician lineup for this year's Horseman's Mission! Our team of experienced and knowledgeable clinicians are committed to helping you achieve your goals. Stay tuned for more information on the official lineup and other event details.


Colt Starting Competition 

The Horseman's Mission is a colt-starting competition dedicated to showcasing horsemanship and training talent from multiple trainers! Our unique event pits three colts, three trainers, and three days of competition against each other to test horsemanship and finished performance. Each trainer has 1.5 hours per day to work with their colt, and the results are judged by a panel of judges. 


Mission Accomplished 

Mission Accomplished is a family-friendly performance that showcases incredible horsemanship, tricks, stunts, and more. This three-hour show is sure to keep you and your family entertained. Tickets must be purchased in advance and seating is limited, so make sure to get yours soon! See you there for a night of fun and excitement!!

2023 Event Committee 

Event Coordinator 

Ray Raber 330-275-2877

General Infomation

Ezra Yoder 330-600-5459

Stall & Barn 

Jonathan Schlabach 330-641-9330

Secretary & Treasurer 

John A Miller 330-473-3773

Matt Oswald 740-552-9827

Vendor Information 

Brenton Schlabach 330-231-7426


Holiday Inn Express & Suites 
Comfort Inn

1102 Glen Dr 

Millersburg OH 


Berlin Grande Hotel 

4787 Township Rd 366

Berlin OH 


(Mention Horseman's Mission for special rates)

Comfort Suites Hotel Berlin 

4810 Township Rd 366 

Millersburg OH 


Guggisburg Swiss Inn

5025 OH 557 

Millersburg OH 


Camping Available at at Fairgrounds $50 a night, full hookup 
Call Ruby to reserve 330-893-3733
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